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  AQUAMOS: BOUTTE sets up a business in Poland

In order to achieve permanent growth in its business, BOUTTE is playing an active part
in “the construction of Europe”.
BOUTTE therefore supports its distributor clients:

    - from the time goods leave the factory, by direct exportation of its products,
    - through its subsidiaries in other countries.

It was in 2000 that BOUTTE opened its first subsidiary, AQUAMOS.
This company is based in Czestochowa, Poland, and now has 10 employees.
Currently accounting for almost 16% of BOUTTE’s total turnover, the share from exports
is constantly growing.
  BOUTTE RU, our organization dedicated to the Russian market

Loyal to its clients, BOUTTE supports them in their development strategy, in both technological and commercial terms.

So it is that since 2004, BOUTTE has "monitored" Leroy Merlin and has installed its sprinkler connections and terminals in the Moscow-Mitischi store.

Since then, a Russian catalogue has been distributed, and BOUTTE products have been exhibited at the Intertools and Gardentools trade shows in Moscow.

Finally, in 2008, BOUTTE RU was set up in Vidnoye (20 km to the south of Moscow).

This company, with support from BOUTTE, handles its own commercial development and operations involving storage, packaging, logistics, and merchandising for the whole garden business.

What is more, these services are offered to other companies that are " BOUTTE -compatible" in terms of products and commercial strategy and are interested in the formidable growth of the Russian market.
  GAMO, broadening the skills base and production capacity

GAMO is a metal turning company based in Friville that transforms more than 1000 tons of material per year.

Set up in 1948 by Jean Lefort, the latter wished to ensure its permanence by entering into a closer relationship with BOUTTE in November 2007.

Amongst other things, GAMO brought adjustable headstock technology to BOUTTE.

The group thus formed covers all the requirements for the turning of simple to complex components with diameters of 5 to 80 mm in all production sizes.

What is more, the proximity of the two production sites promotes the sharing of skills and also economies of scale.
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