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  Metal turning according to drawing

A real skilled trade in terms of the know-how, equipment and production organization that are brought into play, metal turning is a specialized industry which finds applications in numerous sectors.

The automotive industry, the fluid management (water, air, gas, etc.) and connection technology, etc., all use turned components, which they incorporate into their own assembly procedures.

Since the beginning of the19th century, BOUTTE. has been acquiring this know-how
and offering it to numerous French and European industries. Working from drawings
and specifications, our workshops manage the production of turned components
and sub-assemblies.
  Garden range

Due to our industrial activities in the field of valves and fittings, and in order to meet increasing requirements for water in agriculture, orchards, market gardening, or simply the gardens of private individuals, BOUTTE has designed, manufactured and distributed a range of connectors and metal terminals.

Boosted by its success, BOUTTE has become the leading French company for metal connectors used in surface sprinklers. Next, BOUTTE was able to diversify its product range by offering complete ranges of accessories for pumps and connectors used in technical pipe work, not forgetting connectors for water recovery systems, which have become indispensable since the recent strong growth in awareness of sustainable consumption.
  Plumbing range

BOUTTE began by working in the field of plumbing as an industrial sub-contractor, including work for major brands in the valves and fittings sector.

Today, with a catalogue containing more than 5,000 items of plumbing/sanitation equipment, BOUTTE brings water to your home…

From traditional connections such as welded copper or biconical connections, to the most recent such as PEX connections, via the development of all-new multi-layer connections, BOUTTE offers a complete a complete panel of products making it possible to respond to the problems involved in each sanitary installation – not forgetting external supplies, with polyethylene connections and pipe work, plus electroplated iron supply pipes, of which BOUTTE also offers wide ranges.

As well as its connectors, BOUTTE’s product range is completed by accessories (pipe clips, seals, etc…) and tubes (copper, PEX, multi-layer) and of course its valves and fittings for the building trade.
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Discover our catalogue of sprinklers,
taps, connectors, and brass collars.
You will find everything
for pumping and
irrigation, for both
private and
professional use.
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BOUTTE also has a complete
catalogue of copper and brass
accessories for water supplies
and heating systems -
whatever your installation
(copper, PEX or
electroplated iron).
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A mechanical turning and precision turned parts business for 100 years, BOUTTE has acquired unique turning lathe know-how which it places at the disposal of numerous French and European businesses.
The business excels in several fields: plumbing for major tap brands, gardening equipment (plumbing connectors for surface irrigation systems) BOUTTE machines brass, steel, aluminium, stainless steel,
or plastic turned parts, as a prototype or run of hundreds of thousands of pieces, using state-of-the-art production techno