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  Traceability of materials

In order to guarantee its clients high quality products, BOUTTE has introduced an ERP system (Enterprise Resources Planning), which structures the traceability of materials and components from the time of the order right up to the finished product.
  Control procedures

To ensure that its products are of optimal quality, BOUTTE employs a number of control means. Control plans are implemented and scrupulously applied in order to guarantee the technical data (thread, diameter of hole, etc…) of each component. All these control means are regularly calibrated by an external organization (C2T, the Technology Transfer Node), thus guaranteeing their reliability. In 2007, BOUTTE invested in a spectrometer, allowing it to verify the chemical composition of the materials used in the manufacture of connectors, and, complying with the Decree of 29 May 1997 and the Ministry of Health circular No.571 dated 25 November 2002, BOUTTE ensures that its sanitary connections benefit from the Sanitary Conformity certification. (SCC).
  ISO 9001 certificate, version 2000

To meet the requirements of our clients with regard to quality, more particularly in industrial sub-contracting (the medical, gas, armament, automotive sectors, etc…), BOUTTE has
put in place a Quality Assurance System validated by AFAQ, the French Association for the Improvement and Management of Quality. It was in June 1998 that BOUTTE obtained its first ISO certification, and since then it has continued, with ISO 9001 version 2000 certification for all
the company’s services (from receipt of materials up to the dispatch of finished products). What is more, during recent audits of its clients, BOUTTE obtained scores (4/5 and 9/10)
that allow it to believe that its Quality approach has been recognized.
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