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Due to the great number of items being marketed, BOUTTE rapidly became aware that EDI (Electronic Data Interface) would become an essential tool.
This makes it possible to gain rapid access to reliable in-depth information in order to deal with “last-minute” requirements, while minimizing the risk of error.

Today, BOUTTE works with a part of its client base using EDI for messages involving orders, advice of receipt, and also invoicing and prices.
It is also planned to introduce product files in EDI format.

In order to store its 12,000 listed products, finished and semi-finished, BOUTTE has a storage platform consisting of a covered area of more than 1,200 sqm..
  Preparation of orders

A true added value operation, the preparation of an order consists of collecting items stored in the warehouse and grouping them together before they are dispatched to clients.

In order to achieve the efficient processing of the 100 orders it receives on an average day, ie. some 400,000 command lines per year, BOUTTE has implemented various resources not only to improve the quality of its services but also to achieve a vital objective: the speedy delivery of complete orders:

    - a picking system to optimize and rationalize movements
    - verification of orders by RF transmission.

Since 2004, BOUTTE has had a logistical set-up adapted to suit its requirements, with 1 unloading bay and 2 loading bays, allowing it to achieve optimum organization of its consignments.
In France, BOUTTE uses several types of transport to dispatch its goods:

    - express transport for urgent packages
    - single-package 24hr express
    - multi-package 24-72hr express
    - freight charter for significant volumes.

In Europe and across the world, BOUTTE uses the option of chartering maritime and air transport services.
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