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Since the early 1980s, with the advent of supermarket distribution and self-service, BOUTTE has launched itself into merchandising and begun to offer planograms in which ranges and selections of products are scrupulously studied in accordance with the type of clientele. Since 1999, BOUTTE has invested in a software package, “SPACEMAN”, dedicated to planograms for establishments, making it possible to offer promotions that are even more attractive and personalized, and thus optimize in-store sales.
  Information and in-store promotion

Faced with technical products, BOUTTE‘s objective is to provide the consumer with all the elements necessary to make a choice, thanks in particular to the informative signs separating the products on offer, making the display more readable or explaining the principles of their uses and functions.
BOUTTE complements its point-of-sale information range with thread testers and brochures (leaflets) that assist the consumer in choosing the correct product. Also, in order to promote its brand and its products, BOUTTE is putting in place attractive high-impact point-of-sale advertising with promotional boxes, counter displays, informative labels, and additional offers (or cross-selling).
  Own-brand products

Since 2007, BOUTTE has had an integrated printing system, offering high-quality printing for its cardboard packs. Thanks to this printing facility, BOUTTE is also able to customize its cardboard/blister packaging and thus meet clients’ demands by providing them with own-brand products.
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