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  Producer of turned parts for more than 100 years

Either directly or via its subsidiary GAMO, BOUTTE is capable of machining any component
with a diameter of 5 to 80 mm in brass, steel, aluminum, stainless steel or plastic material,
and this can be done as a prototype or as a production run of several hundred thousand items. This extensive know-how has been built up since the end of the 19th century and has incorporated, year after year, all the technological and organizational progress in its field.
  Production technologies that are always at the cutting edge

Now with more than 100 turning and metalworking machines at their disposal, BOUTTE
and GAMO machine more than 3000 tons per year. This potential, added to the company’s financial capacity to renew its stocks of machines on a regular basis, is a guarantee to
our clientele of the enduring nature of the goods we supply and the development of new manufactured products.
  Particular attention paid to training our teams

In the fields of design, tooling, and lathe setting, we regularly incorporate young professionals on a work/study basis (apprenticeship or “professionalization”...). The Centre for Transfer
of Technology, based in Friville, or the Technical Centre for Metal-turning (CTDEC) are
essential educational resources, and complement the practical training provided
by our workshop foremen.
  Preferred contacts

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A mechanical turning and precision turned parts business for 100 years, BOUTTE has acquired unique turning lathe know-how which it places at the disposal of numerous French and European businesses.
The business excels in several fields: plumbing for major tap brands, gardening equipment (plumbing connectors for surface irrigation systems) BOUTTE machines brass, steel, aluminium, stainless steel,
or plastic turned parts, as a prototype or run of hundreds of thousands of pieces, using state-of-the-art production techno